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By visiting and using our platform ( and The Events Meter Mobile Application) and related services, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions:

1.) Events Meter shall serve as an intermediary between event organizers and attendees wishing to find and attend such events providing a payment gateway in cases where paid tickets apply.

2.) Unless stated otherwise, events listed on this platform are a property of the event organizer and as such, all information pertaining to each event is supplied and owned by the event organizer. Event organizers are therefore solely responsible for all information provided as regards to their events as listed on this platform.

3.) Tickets bought on our platform are non-refundable.

4.) The ticket holder has a right only to a seat of a value corresponding to that stated on the ticket and the venue or Event Partner reserves the right to provide alternative seats to those specified on the tickets.

5.) Events Meter shall charge a 10% commission on every event ticket sold on its platform. These charges do not however apply for free events.

6.) Events Meter shall not be held liable where event organizers fail to meet expected/anticipated standards promoted such as when certain entertainers and speakers are unavailable or event venue, decoration or catering is shoddy

7.) Upon listing an event, event organizers are obligated to ensure that all information supplied as regards that event is correct and accurate. Events Meter shall not be held liable for wrong information provided by event organizers.

8.) Events Meter has the right to accept or reject listing an event on its platform where such events fail to meet all obligations for listing.

9.) Event organizers are at liberty to edit information provided as regards their upcoming event, but Events Meter is not obligated to notify our users as regards such updates or new information.

10.) Event organizers may be subject to a verification process to determine the true ownership and authenticity of an event.

11.) Event attendees are required to appear at event venue with a printed copy or e-copy of their ticket. Events Meter shall not be held liable for cases where tickets are forgotten, lost, misplaced or destroyed.

12.) In situations where wrong attendee information is entered at the point of purchase (e.g a wrong email address), customer shall report error within 48hours. Events Meter shall not be held liable for such ticket reconciliatory errors at the event venue.

13.) Unless stated by the event organizer, tickets bought on this platform are not transferrable.

14.) Unless otherwise stated, Event Organizers and Events Meter shall not be responsible for your personal property at the event.

15.) Unless otherwise stated, event organizers shall reserve the right to photographs obtained, video and sound recording of guests at an event.

16.) Events Meter is not mandated to refund monies where attendees fail to attend events for which they have purchased tickets.

17.) Attendees are required to keep tabs on events where they have purchased tickets as Events Meter does not guarantee transmitting updates arising from changes in event information.

18.) Event organizers may reserve the right to refuse entry into event venue in cases where attendees breach their own terms and conditions especially in matters that concern conduct, security, dress code requirements etc. Events Meter shall not be held liable in situations such as these.

19.) Events Meter allows organizers and attendees to use its photostreaming feature for free. We may, however, choose to charge a small fee to oversee photostreaming of your event.

20.) Photostreaming feature may not work in situations where event address is not properly entered, or event venue has telecommunication equipments located within or around it or cases of weak internet service. Events Meter shall not be liable in cases such as these.

21.) Events Meter only permits the use of its website and mobile application for clearly stipulated purposes. Users are prohibited from downloading, duplicating and/or reposting content generated from our platform. All content on our the Events Meter platform are protected by local and international copyright laws.


Oops! Seems your event was rejected! Please check “My Event” in your profile to make necessary corrections and re-submit for listing. You do not need to upload your event again, simply edit and submit. Your event may have been rejected for one or more of the following reasons.

1.) Wrong Information: Because we want to ensure a consistent experience for our users, we strive to ensure that information provided by event organizers are accurate.

2.) Wrong Category Selected: Check to see if the category you selected tallies with the event banner and description.

3.) Wrong State/Country: Ensure that you have selected the correct state and country.

4.) Wrong date and time entry: Ensure that you have entered the proper date and time and in the correct format.

5.) Pornography/ Violent content: Events Meter does not list events that promote extreme sexual content and violent activities.

6.) Copyright content: Where Events Meter determines without doubt that listed event violates online copyright law, such event would be either rejected or delisted

7.) Failure to fill out all required fields: Please check that you have provided all required information.

8.) Verification Failure: Events Meter seeks to verify that all events listed on our platform belongs to the actual organizer of the event. Where it has been ascertained that an event has been uploaded by a third-party, the event is rejected or taken down.

9.) Events Meter reserves the right to reject an event where information provided about the event does not validate the authenticity of the event

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